Hotels in Srinagar

Located in the northeast part of Uttarakhand state and set on the shores of the Alaknanda River, Srinagar has its importance as a town on the Chardham Yatra route. Read More

Accommodation- Budget to Luxury

The town provides a variety of hotels for travelers trekking across the snowy regions of Chardham. Accommodations range from budget-friendly options to three-star and standard hotels. In Srinagar Garhwal, tourists are greeted with warm hospitality and enticed by the natural beauty of the area.

1 Star Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal: The 1 star hotels in Srinagar Garhwal are cheap and affordable for clients who are looking for basic facilities to help them have a comfortable stay.

  • Top 1 Star Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal - Devlok, Urvashi, Himalayan Eco Lodge

2 Star Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal: 2 star hotels are slightly better in terms of comfort and services provided although they remain relatively cheap for travelers.

  • Top 2 Star Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal - Mukkus Residency, Lovekush, Siddarth Deluxe, HotelGaurav, Chandralok

Deluxe Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal: Deluxe hotels in Srinagar Garhwal offer more luxurious comforts and services than standard hotels to make the guests’ stays more enjoyable.

  • Top Deluxe Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal - Hotel Riverside, Hotel Ivy Top Resort, Hotel Farasu Hills Resort, Hotel Shivshakti, Hotel Daisy, Hotel Chahat Residency

Standard Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal: They are medium to large hotels providing good quality services with basic comforts and all the necessary facilities required for decent prices.

  • Top Standard Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal - Hotel Urvashi, Hotel Shree Yantra Tapu Resort, Hotel Ganga View, Hotel Srikot Castle.

GMVN Tent in Srinagar Garhwal: In case you want an exciting cheap room and camping experience near nature, GMVN tent is quite a better option as it is run by the government.

  • GMVN Tent in Srinagar Garhwal - GMVN Srinagar TRH

Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options, standard comforts, or deluxe amenities, Srinagar Garhwal has a range of accommodations to suit every traveler's needs.

Why Book Srinagar Garhwal Hotels from Char Dham Hotel?

  • Variety of Options: Our guests can book from economy, first-class, and everything in between to guarantee their satisfaction.
  • Quality Assurance: All the places we use are thoroughly inspected to make sure that they are comfortable and do not harbor any issues.
  • Affordability: When it comes to hotels that one can afford, it will be such a comfort knowing that we have hotels ranging from budget class to luxury hotels.
  • Hassle-Free Booking: We ensure that our team will be very helpful with your booking and will also assist you when you are with us.
  • Comfortable Stay: Come to us soon and make a reservation with us for a cozy and enjoyable stay in Srinagar Garhwal. Book today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do we get parking facilities in Srinagar?

Answer :Yes, parking facilities are available in Srinagar.

2. Do we get good internet facilities in Srinagar?

Answer :Yes, internet facilities are available, although the connection might not be as robust as you expect it to be.

3. Do we get Geyser facilities in Srinagar?

Answer :Yes, Geyser facilities are available in Srinagar hotels.

4. Do we get lift facilities in Srinagar?

Answer :No, but we can arrange ground floor accommodation for you in Srinagar.

5. What kind of rooms can we get in Srinagar Garhwal?

Answer :- Pilgrims can choose from:

  • 2-bedded rooms
  • 3-bedded rooms
  • 4-bedded rooms
  • Family suites

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