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Pilgrims beware of fake helicopter tickets, There are no authorized agents or websites for the booking of helicopter tickets except . If any website promises you a ticket, they are going to scam you, they will ask you few details like the travel date, the of the ticket, and shared card, later they ask for advance payment once you made the payment they will give you a fake ticket, which you will came to know once you reach at helipad on your traveling date and realize they have been scammed.

Stay scam-smart with our Q&A section – Your key to safe and secure travels!

Question -1- How can I book my Kedarnath helicopter ticket?

Answer - You can book your Helicopter ticket from the official website dedicated to Kedarnath helicopter ticket Booking -, stay updated on announcements for upcoming booking openings, prepare your Group/registration ID and be ready at the specified time. Act swiftly, as ticket availability is often limited and competitive.

Question -2- What if tickets are not available or Tickets are Sold Out?

Answer - Keep checking for the availability of tickets. Tickets may be available against cancellations.

Question -3- Can I get the tickets on arrival?

Answer - Not possible

Question -4- As I searched on Google, there are some agencies providing the Tickets, can I get my tickets from them?

Answer- No, only the IRCTC Heli Yatra Website is authorized to sell tickets, and anyone else claiming to do so is a scammer. Online scammers take advantage of people's ticket desperation, promising available tickets for a nominal fee. Victims pay, believing they're securing tickets, only to find out they've been scammed upon arrival at the helipad, unable to verify the authenticity of the provided tickets

Question -5-What are modes of payment scammers use to provide?

Answer - Scammers often provide UPI IDs, QR codes, or bank account numbers under names like Pawan Hans, Himalayan Heli, GMVN, and Uttarakhand Tourism, creating an illusion of legitimacy. This deceptive tactic aims to convince victims of the transaction's genuineness.

Question -6- How to check Bank details, if we are making payments to the correct company or not?

Answer – Always ask for their Bank Account Details, When provided with a bank account for payment, insist on using a bank transfer and follow these steps:

  • Visit the bank in person.
  • Confirm if the account matches the beneficiary's name.
  • Verify if the account belongs to a company or an individual; avoid individual accounts.
  • Ensure it's a current account, not a savings account.
  • Bank personnel can provide crucial information to distinguish between legitimate companies and scammers. Rely on their assistance to make an informed payment decision.

Question -7- How to avoid these scam

To avoid these scams and ensure a secure booking process:

  • Use Official Website: Book tickets at, the official website.
  • Choose Reliable Tour Packages: Opt for a reputable travel company that offers all-inclusive packages.
  • Bank Transfers: Prefer paying via bank account after verifying details.
  • Credit Card Payment: Use a credit card for added protection and the option to reverse a transaction if needed.
  • Avoid Unverified Methods: Refrain from using QR codes, UPI IDs, or Google Pay for payments, as these can be risky.

Beware of Hotel Booking Scams in India

1- Hotel booking Scam in Kedarnath, Badrinath and other destinations

Yes, there is a prevalent hotel booking scam not only on the Chardham Route but also across India. Scammers use various methods, such as displaying misleading contact numbers on Google pages or creating fake websites with URLs like:


Please remain cautious when making online reservations and verify the authenticity of websites and contact information to avoid falling victim to such scams.

When searching on Google, customers often encounter scammers who pose as hoteliers, providing availability and tempting prices. Customers, trusting the offer, make payments through Google Pay, UPI IDs, or scans and receive what appear to be authentic hotel vouchers. However, the bitter reality unfolds upon arriving at the hotel. There's no reservation in their name, and the hotel hasn't received any payment. Unfortunately, these travelers have fallen prey to a sophisticated scam that targets unsuspecting individuals.

2 - How to avoid these scam

  • Choose Reliable Sources: Book your hotel or tour package through trustworthy sources or local agents.
  • Prefer All-Inclusive Packages: Opt for tour packages from reputable companies that offer all-inclusive deals.
  • Use Bank Payments: When making payments, use bank accounts after thorough checks:
  • Verify Account Ownership: Ensure the bank account belongs to the beneficiary or company name.
  • Account Type: Confirm if it's a current account; be cautious if it's a savings account.
  • Address Match: Cross-verify the account holder's address with the company's address.
  • Payment Gateways: Whenever possible, use secure payment gateways like credit cards. These gateways often have stringent application processes and offer options for transaction reversals in case of scams.

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