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Badrinath offers the best hotels near the Badrinath Temple, ranging from the luxurious to the budget hotels. Read More

Our List of Accommodations - From Budget to Luxury

As a travel service provider, Chardham Hotel provides several choices for our guests’ stay. You will always be content with the services and other facilities that our chosen list of best Badrinath Hotels offers. For your convenience, we have a range of cheapest hotels in Badrinath that are available for every type of traveler.

Here you’ll find a range of accommodation types. The options available here include 3-star hotels, 5-star hotels, GMVN dormitories guest houses, lodges, and resorts to stay near Badrinath temple. Our list includes cheap and economical hotels to budget hotels, lodges, guest houses, Ashrams, Dharamshalas as well as deluxe 5-star hotels and resorts in Badrinath.

As you will notice our accommodations are affordable, and we have ensured that each option will provide comfortable lodging to our guests.

3-Star Hotels in Badrinath: At our 3-star hotels, guests will find just the right combination of luxury and economy. To make the stay of our guests comfortable these rooms have been well-equipped with all modern facilities.

  • Best hotel to stay in Badrinath - the best hotel in Badrinath are sarovar portico, Amritara, Yoga premium, Snow crest

5-Star Hotels in Badrinath: No 5-star hotel exist in Badrinath, due to seasonal business it is very tough to maintain 5-star hotel in Badrinath. For the class seekers they have the option to choose top hotels in Badrinath, that come with lavish interiors, professional services, and picturesque vistas of the mighty Himalayas. Enjoy an exclusively private, lavish wilderness residence that offers you the ultimate luxury in comfort and style.

  • Luxury hotels in Badrinath - sarovar portico, Amritara, Yoga premium, Snow crest

Cheapest Hotels around Badrinath Temple: This is why we are keener on affordable types of lodging. Economical rooms are basic but clean and fully equipped, with all the necessities needed to make your stay comfortable and affordable. Cheapest Hotel in: - ashram and dharamsala are the cheapest options in Badrinath

  • Cheapest Hotels in Badrinath - Hotel Himgiri Guest House, Hotel Kuber Palace, Hotel Satguru

Dharamshala around Badrinath Temple: In case people are interested in a homelike atmosphere and focus on community living, we’d like to present Dharamshala near Badrinath Temple. These are ideal for pilgrims, especially those who do not want any frills as they make their journey.

  • Dharamshala near Badrinath Temple - Swaminarayan Mandir Dharamshala, Bangar House, Shri Hari Niwas

GMVN Guest House in Badrinath: We also offer booking services for government accommodation facilities such as; guest houses, which while being cheap, offer good standard facilities. GMVN Guest House in Badrinath makes it possible for those who are in search of a decent and cheap accommodation style.

Guesthouses, Ashrams, and Lodges: Discover the clean and humble accommodation of guesthouses, the spirituality of ashrams, and the warm homeliness of lodges located in the breathtaking scenery of Badrinath. These choices are designed to suit a range of tastes and provide a very distinctive accommodation experience for tourists who want to feel an appreciation of the history and geo-tourism of the given area.

  • Best Guesthouses, Ashrams, and Lodges - Satguru Ashram, Parmarth Niketan, Vaikunth Dham Guest House, Hotel Janki Guest House

GMVN Badrinath Dormitory Booking: For those traveling in a group or those who are on the pilgrimage trip and looking for cheaper accommodation we arrange a booking at the GMVN dormitories. These dormitories offer more affordable accommodation where guests will receive the necessities for their stay.

Satguru Ashram, Parmarth Niketan, Vaikunth Dham Guest House, Hotel Janki Guest House

  • We have all categories of- (budget/cheap/basic/economy/deluxe/first-class/business/five-star hotels) homestays, guest houses, to luxury resorts and hotels in Badrinath.
  • We have made sure that the various hotels and resorts listed here in our Badrinath hotels and resorts are all checked and verified for quality and trustworthiness.
  • Our rates are flexible; thus you can get a cheap hotel to stay in Badrinath with great deals.
  • We provide follow-up services during the entire process of your visit and stay in Badrinath.

Note: Badrinath hotel rates might be influenced by the date on which you plan to visit, the number of people visiting, and whether it is a peak season or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the best luxury hotels to stay in Badrinath for pilgrims?

Answer :

  • Hotel Amritara The Avadh
  • Hotel Yoga Premium
  • Hotel Sarovar Portico
  • Hotel Snow Crest Annexure
  • New Snow Crest
  • Hotel New Yoga
  • Hotel Vijaylord’s Palace
  • Narayan Palace

2. What are the best hotels to stay in Badrinath within Budget?

Answer :

  • Hotel Himgiri Guest House
  • Hotel Kuber Palace
  • Hotel Satguru
  • Hotel Bharat Shri
  • Hotel Sardeswari Restaurant
  • New Hotel at Badrinath
  • Hotel Badrish
  • Hotel Shankar Shree
  • Hotel Badrinath Inn
  • Hotel Laxmi Divine
  • Panchvati Inn

3. What are the best homestays and Guest houses around Badrinath Temple?

Answer :

  • Jagirdar homestay
  • Vaikunth Dham Guest House
  • Rupali Guest House
  • Hotel Diwan Guest House
  • Nar Narayan Guest House
  • Shri Ram Guest House
  • Hotel Janki Guest House
  • First Hault Sadhu Sudha Homestay
  • Manisha guest House
  • Kanchan Roop Guest House
  • Padamsri Guest House
  • Bharat Shri Guest House

4. What are the Ashram Dharamsala houses in and around Badrinath Temple?

Answer :

  • Satguru Ashram
  • Parmarth Niketan
  • Bola Giri Ashram
  • Bangar house
  • Agarwal Bhawan
  • Swaminarayan Mandir Dharamshala
  • Shri Hari Niwas

5. What kind of facilities and amenities tourists get in Badrinath?

Answer :

  • Well maintained rooms with clean bathrooms
  • Hygienic and delicious meals
  • 24/7 hot and cold water
  • Room heater
  • Wifi
  • Dining area
  • Parking area
  • Telephone
  • Pick and drop
  • Laundry
  • TV
  • Tea/ Coffee Maker

6. What type of rooms are available in Badrinath?

Answer : Tourist will get -

  • 2 Bedded Rooms
  • 3 Bedded Rooms
  • 4 bedded rooms
  • Family suites
  • Dormitories
  • Deluxe cottages

7. What is the price range of the hotel rooms of Badrinath?

Answer : You will get room from INR 3000 to INR 18,000 in Badrinath. The cost will depend on your taste, preference and the facilities available.

8. Do hotels in Badrinath offer Parking Facilities?

Answer : Yes, many hotels in Badrinath offer parking facilities to the tourists.

9. Do we get Internet facilities in Badrinath?

Answer : no, no hotels provide internet facilities in Badrinath.

10. What kind of food is available in Badrinath hotels?

Answer : Badrinath is a spiritual place. So, don’t expect non veg food options. You will get sativk, vegetarian and Jain food in and around Badrinath Dham and in hotels.

11. Do we have to face electricity outages in Badrinath?

Answer : Yes, you might face electric outages in Badrinath or lack of power backup sometimes. We do our best to give you quality experience but as it is a remote area, having basic facilities is a privilege.

12. Do we get lift in the hotels?

Answer : No, the hotels do not have lift facilities? However, if you book with us and inform us well in advance, so we can provide you rooms on the ground floor.

13. Do Badrinath hotels provide TV facilities in the rooms?

Answer : Only big hotels provide TV Facilities, rest hotels do not have TV in the rooms,

14. Do Badrinath hotels Geyser facilities in the rooms?

Answer : Yes, most of hotels provide Geyser facilities in the rooms

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