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Located in the district of Uttarkashi in the state of Uttaranchal, Gangotri is an important Hindu shrine and also a well-known source of Read More

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Harsil - 25km - Gangotri

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Uttarkashi - 86km - Gangotri

Chardham Hotel

Our List of Accommodations - From Budget to Luxury

Chardham Hotel caters to all classes of travelers by providing a variety and exciting options in terms of accommodation. If you’re quite particular in choosing the best Gangotri hotels, Gangotri’s top Hotels’ promises satisfaction with the best services and facilities.

When it comes to budget hotels, we present before you a wide range of stays that cater to all kinds of travelers. These may include the basic GMVN lodges and guest houses to budget and star class hotels, ashrams, Dharamshalas to the standard, luxury hotels and resorts nestled in the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas. From Basic accommodation to a hotel stay and luxury accommodation, we have compiled a list of all the types of accommodation across the range, including recommended budget hotels and 5-star hotels near Gangotri.

Accommodation in Gangotri is quite varied and abundant and there are available of all sorts, for almost all tourism classes. All these types of accommodation are therefore provided to cater for the comfort of guests during their stay in this holy land.

3-Star Hotels

On our site you’ll be able to get to know the best 3-star hotels for a wonderful vacay at reasonable prices. These outlets are rather well furnished and equipped with all modern comforts to make clients’ stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Best 3- star hotels in Gangotri - Shiv Parivar Resort, Prakriti Retreat, Hotel Him Ganga

5-Star Hotels

Due to its remote location, 5-star hotels are not available in Gangotri. But if one is willing to pay for the best then what is available are beautifully appointed deluxe rooms, with very high standards of service, and stunning views of the Himalayas.

  • Best Deluxe Hotels in Gangotri - Hotel Himalayan Nature Resort, Hotel Manisha, Hotel Shwetambara, Hotel Gayatri Niketan, Hotel Kirtilok

Budget Hotels

The lodges located close to Gangotri Temple come as budget hotels where guests can get simple, neat and spacious rooms fully equipped with all the essential services. These low-cost accommodations make the nights comfortable without deprivation from basic amenities. Ashrams and Dharamshalas cost as low as possible, therefore it can be considered that they are the cheapest types of accommodation.

  • Best Budget Hotels in Gangotri - The Captain Hill, Himalaya Sadan, Hotel Ganga Niwas, Hotel Utsav Palace, Shriya Palace

Dharamshalas near Gangotri Temple

The pilgrims as well as those planning to dwell in groups have been able to find accommodation in Dharamshalas, located close to Gangotri Temple. These lodgings are simple and provide a cozy environment, preferred by individuals who want to feel as close to home as possible when embarking on a journey of a lifetime like a pilgrimage.

  • Best Dharamshalas in Gangotri - Kali Kamli Dharamshala, Gujarat Bhawan Yatri Niwas

GMVN’s Guest Houses in the Gangotri

We also can arrange bookings for the GMVN guest house, which includes lodging facilities run by the government, offering reasonably priced accommodation with fairly acceptable standard amenities. These hotels are well selected for tourists who seek for the cheapest type of accommodation, but not necessarily a bad one.

Guesthouses, Ashrams, and Lodges

Some beautiful options available namely for staying in tents are the guest-houses, ashrams, and lodges available at Gangotri. These options offer relatively cheap and simple staying facilities that reflect the spiritual and historical image of the region. These options can be best for those who like a clean and pure atmosphere of ashram, as well as for the guests who want to have a warm and hospitable stay in a lodge; all these choices make your stay here comfortably.

  • Guesthouses, Ashrams, and Lodges in Gangotri - Sundar Homestay, Shivay Apple Garden and Homestay, Orang Utan Homestay, Bhagirathi Guest House, Hotel Bagdi Guest House

GMVN Gangotri Dormitory Booking

The basic type of accommodation for travelers or those traveling in large groups or on a low budget is the GMVN dormitories. These dormitories provide basic accommodation facilities cheap and affordable to cater for the pilgrims and the low budget travelers.

Why is Char Dham Hotel Ideal for Booking Hotels In Gangotri?

  • Diverse Accommodation Options- Here we have provided the detailed list of the hotels available in Gangotri from the economical cheap hotels which may also be humble accommodations, to the superior first-class hotels. You can get cheap and affordable stays in homestays, guest houses, luxury resorts, and the best 4 and 5-star hotels.
  • Quality and Trustworthiness Guaranteed- Every accommodation listed on our site is reviewed and checked to guarantee that all the hotels and resorts meet your quality and trust level.
  • Flexible and Affordable Rates- Our accommodation options are categorized on the basis of budget so that the travelers can easily find the cheapest deal to stay at this place.
  • Comprehensive Follow-up Services- To begin with, we offer constant support during the whole period of your stay and traveling through Gangotri.

Note: The prices of Gangotri hotels and resorts may also differ depending on the day of visit, the number of people to be accommodated, and the season of the year.

Book Your Stay Today

Tourism in Gangotri is an experience of life, and you just cannot afford to have a mediocre stay; book with us for the best of everything. You can contact us anytime to book your room and be on a spiritual journey in the great Himalayas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the best luxury hotels to stay in Gangotri for pilgrims?

Answer :Gangotri doesn't have luxury hotels but you can get deluxe hotels with wonderful facilities and amenities.

2. What are the best hotels to stay in Gangotri Within Budget?

Answer :

  • The Captain Hill
  • Himalaya Sadan
  • Hotel Ganga Niwas
  • Hotel Utsav Palace
  • Shriya Palace
  • Hotel Bhagirathi Sadan

3. What are the best deluxe category hotels in Gangotri?

Answer :

  • Hotel Manisha
  • Hotel Shwetambara
  • Hotel Gayatri Niketan
  • Tranquil Woods Cottage
  • Hotel Kirti Lok

4. What are the best homestays and Guest houses near Gangotri Temple?

Answer :

  • Kshetra near Gangotri Temple
  • GMVN Gangotri TL
  • Orang Utan Homestay
  • Bhagirathi Guest House
  • Hotel Bagdi Guest House

5. What are the Ashram Dharamsala houses near Gangotri Temple?

Answer :You can consider Kali Kamali Dharamshala, Gujarat Bhawan Yatri Niwas and Purohit Sadan Ashram, Kaushal Kishore Ji Mouni Baba Ashram if you are looking for Dharamshalas and Ashram in Gangotri.

6. What kind of facilities and amenities tourists get in Gangotri?

Answer :

  • Well maintained rooms with clean bathrooms
  • Hygienic and delicious meals
  • 24/7 hot and cold water
  • Room heater
  • Wifi
  • Dining area
  • Parking area
  • Telephone
  • Pick and drop
  • Laundry
  • TV
  • Tea/ Coffee Maker

7. What type of rooms are available in Gangotri?

Answer :You will get well maintained rooms with basic facilities in any hotel in Gangotri. The type of rooms available in Gangotri are -

  • 2 bedded
  • 3 bedded
  • 4 bedded
  • Family suites
  • Dormitories
  • Deluxe and semi deluxe cottages

8. What is the price range of the hotel rooms of Gangotri?

Answer :You will get rooms in Gangotri according to your budget and preferences. The price range starts from INR 1000 to 10,000. Price might increase according to your needs in facilities.

9. Do hotels in Gangotri offer Parking Facilities?

Answer :Yes, many Hotels in Gangotri offer Parking facilities.

10. Do we get Internet facilities in Gangotri?

Answer :Yes, you will get internet facilities in Gangotri but the availability of internet in Gangotri may be limited as it’s a remote location in the majestic Himalayas. Check with the hotel in advance on the internet.

11. What kind of food is available in Gangotri hotels?

Answer :Gangotri is one of the most prominent pilgrimage sites for Hindu devotees. The food you will get here is completely vegetarian and Satvik which heals the soul. Do not expect non- vegetarian food here.

12. Do we have to face electricity outages in Gangotri?

Answer :Yes, it's a remote area, you will face power outages in and around Gangotri. You also don’t get a power backup facility sometimes.

13. Do we get lifts in the Gangotri accommodations?

Answer :No, don’t expect to get a lift in Gangotri accommodations. You can inform us in advance and we will provide you the rooms on the ground floor.

14. Do Gangotri hotels provide TV facilities in the rooms?

Answer :It's an area where having basic facilities is a privilege. People in the mountains live a very difficult life. You can’t expect TV facilities in most Hotels. Only big hotels will give you a TV facility.

15. Do Gangotri hotels have Geyser facilities in the rooms?

Answer :Yes, you will get Geyser facilities in the rooms.

16. Where can I get a hotel in Gangotri apart from temple location?

Answer :Apart from the temple location, pilgrims and tourists book hotels in Uttarkashi, Harsil, Dharali, Bhojbasa, Bhaironghati and Bhatwari.

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